About IMU

IMUInstall Maintain Upgrade with the spirit of I AM YOU
Philosophy: “I AM YOU” in Action
At the heart of our ethos lies IMU – a philosophy that defines our purpose and mission. IMU embodies the spirit of “I AM YOU,” representing our unwavering commitment to harmonize with our customers in every aspect.
IMU’s essence lies in becoming one with our customers, aligning ourselves seamlessly with their needs, and service expectations. We strive to immerse ourselves in their world, stepping into their shoes to create a unified front-end and back-end, fostering a partnership that transcends conventional outsourcing.
With IMU Services, you gain a dedicated ally for your after-sales service and sales & distribution needs. We ensure a deep connection, where priorities, goals, and practices are mutually defined and synchronized, presenting your image to the world
IMU – Managed Services
IMU stands for Install, Maintain, Upgrade, which is our area of expertise by which we can empower OEMs and businesses to manage sales and service of any electromechanical machines driven by software.
We offer comprehensive managed outsourcing solutions, from after-sales service and customer helpdesk ticket management to product training, sales distribution networks, and logistics services, including import and export handling. Additionally, our market-ready data processing services streamline your operations
Whether you aim to transform your operations, enhance business capabilities, or introduce new products, IMU is your trusted partner. Our track record speaks for itself, delivering tangible results through proven expertise and unwavering dedication.